Global Standards for NLP & Coaching Professionals

The objective of the IINLP - (Institute of Integrated Neuro-Linguistic Programming), a global standards association for NLP Coaches & Trainers is to endorse ethical and professional NLP coaches, trainers and organisations.

The purpose of IINLP is to facilitate the endorsement & accreditation of NLP professionals, Coaches & organisations around the world in the ethical and professional use of NLP through the standardization and continual improvement of the NLP accreditation process.

The IINLP is aware of the ethical issues facing NLP & Coaching accrediting bodies today. Our position & purpose is to only endorse individuals and training organisations that offer legitimate NLP & Coaching skills and personal growth opportunities to their clients.

IINLP is an international guild of NLP & Coaching professionals, walking together with commitmentethicsskill and professionalism.

The Integrated Institute of  NLP  (IINLP) supports the fast growing community of NLP qualified coaches  that contribute to the world of NLP by using their skills as a NLP trainer, practitioner, therapist or coach.

IINLP wishes to support you as a NLP trainer, practitioner, therapist or coach, and in your quest to improve your skill and contribute to improve lives of others. We do it regardless of where you have leaned NLP skills from, and from which trainer or school of NLP.

NLP based Life Coaching is a fast growing field and new schools of thought and practice and being developed all over the world. We feel that this is an exciting time for all of us, and we as a community of NLP professionals can be benefited with this new growth. IINLP encourages new developments and NLP schools of thought.

We welcome you to be a part of IINLP and contribute to the growth and strengthening of NLP community. We also welcome your suggestions about anything you would like to see on the site please fill out the form on the contact page.
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