NLP Trainer Accreditation

IINLP Accredited NLP Trainer &  Accredited NLP Coach Program

IINLP is an autonomous body that accredits NLP Qualified NLP Trainer & NLP Coaches.

The IINLP Trainer & Coach Accreditation Programme is an independent peer-reviewed system monitored by IINLP and all IINLP Accredited Trainers & Coaches have proved themselves by going through a rigorous peer-reviewed process.

We know that as an NLP Professional in an unregulated industry, it is absolutely essential for you, as an NLP Training & Coaching, to be able to confidently demonstrate your:

  • Credibility
  • Professionalism
  • Results
  • Commitment to quality

Receiving IINLP’s accreditation services provides a plethora of benefits. As an Accredited Trainer and/or Coach, you can be confident that your services is operating at a high level. IINLP accreditation is comprehensive – assessing key areas of a your operations including training services, trainers, course materials, coach services and quality management systems.

IINLP accreditation is a way of being officially recognized for competency and best practice. Clients will see the IINLP-accredited badge and know confident that they’re in expert hands.

Membership of IINLP enables you to do just this and give your potential clients peace of mind when choosing an NLP Professional.

IINLP also assists you in:

  • Raising your professional profile
  • Building your business
  • Connecting you to the wider NLP community

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